My Research

I'm a doctor in mechanical engineering. Since my graduate studies in aerospace engineering I'm fond of fluid-dynamics, material science and manufacturing engineering. My career as a researcher is mainly driven by scientific curiosity and a strong will to learn within a wide range of disciplines related to engineering:

  • material science: microstructure of ceramic material, damage in dual phase steels, simulation of Resin Transfert Moulding for woven composite material
  • manufacturing engineering: simulation and testing of cutting process, tribology and heat transfer in machining
  • fluid-dynamics: testing and simulation of high speed (transonic) air jet for cooling machining operation, aerodynamics 2D
  • connected objets and FabLab: teaching experience on Arduino products, 3D printer, student projects
  • finite element modeling: explicit/implicit simulations with several commercial software (thermal transient, static 3D & 2D, machining operations, modal analysis)
  • fracture mechanics : brittle and ductile fracture modelling by using hybrid FE models (transition from flow stress to element deletion models)

Check out my research blog for the latest updates on my research works and ongoing projects! 

Publications & Papers

A. Bareggi, G.E. O'Donnell, Thermal and mechanical effects of high-speed impinging jet in orthogonal machining operations: Experimental, finite elements and analytical investigations, Proc IMechE Part B: J Engineering Manufacture, p.1–13, 2014. Download

S. Gatouillat, A. Bareggi, E. Vidal-Sallé, P. Boisse, Meso modelling for composite preform shaping – Simulation of the loss of cohesion of the woven fibre network, Composites Part A, Volume 54, November 2013, Pages 135–144. Download

A. Bareggi, E. Maire, O. Bouaziz, M. Di Michiel, Damage in dual phase steels and its constituents studied by X-ray tomography, Int. J. Fracture, April 2012, Volume 174, Issue 2, pp 217-227. Download

A. Bareggi, E. Maire, A. Lasalle, S. Deville, Dynamics of the Freezing Front During the Solidification of a Colloidal Alumina Aqueous Suspension: In Situ X-Ray Radiography, Tomography, and Modeling, J. American Ceramic Society, Volume 94, Issue 10, pages 3570–3578, October 2011, Download

A. Bareggi, Cooling by high speed air jet in orthogonal machining operations, Ph.D thesis, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, 2010. Download